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Copy and paste a forest. How to.

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Copy and paste a forest. How to.

Postby eno72 » Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:57 pm

I write this post just after discovering a nice trick to speed up the building of long tracks in the woods.
Let's say you have already planted 1Km of trees and grass. You did it carefully, clustering the different trees, placing the smaller ones before, etc.. Why not to reuse this patient work after 500m and giving it a new and unsuspicious look?

Download and install the GLUE plugin from the Itoo site (it's also in the download section):

Without any doubt you used the already mentioned Scatter tool (or a similar one), so that each tree or grass is a single object. You also were so smart as to place the trees and grass in layers ;)
- Select a piece of forest (lots of trees)
- right click on the selection and clone (select the "copy" button)
- with the "move" tool move around the copied trees and place them OVER the piece of track that will receive them from above 8-)
- you are free to rotate the entire group to follow your track
- just GLUE it!
- cancel out the trees growing on the track...
- some trees, if not well over the track, won't be glued and will remain there. You can select those ones and maybe delete them or even glue them on the scenery if you want!

What's nice is that the trick is hard to discover, because the shape of the destination terrain will be different from the origin terrain, and so the aspect of the copied trees :mrgreen:
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Re: Copy and paste a forest. How to.

Postby delu77 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:31 am

Nice trick! :)
Surely your forest will grow quickly bthan before...so..next month ready to run in Galles?? :roll:
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