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General suggestions (by Lamda)

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General suggestions (by Lamda)

Postby eno72 » Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:56 pm

With permission from Lamda, I copy this post from the Czech forum:

On the beginning i had much problems to model and handle all at 3dsmax

Some notes about modeling:
1st Single object:
-model as simple as possible. much details are not shown if you drive nearby of it.
-be shure that allways use same material for same texturefile. If you use different materials (it can a 100% copy of original) on 3dsmax will objects cloned during import (same object will place more times on same place)
-texture (plates) file shuld allways regulary square and power of 2 (256x256; 512X512;1024x1024;2048x2048; 4096x4096, i dont test bigger files maybe it isn´t working)
-set pivot Point allways on ground (Z-axis) other axis as you want (i think best is to centre and move Z-axle to 0)
-don´t forget to reset X-form (after reset, you must collabse reset modificator)

2nd track and objects (import objects, handle, export) :
-before import for example Vegitation, i create a max file with all objects in a row. there i check size eachother and to reference object (original car)
-than i import it to my groundmesh and move it to a good shown place (for example big meadow)
-now i use pattern plugin, you can choose objects of your row (one or more). good pattern tool can turn scale and angle automaticly during place. the generaly distance bettween objects can set too.
-the pivot point of objects will allways place to a choosen base object
-it makes sense to group objects to layer
-i group to used material file, if there much objects like tree or grass it makes sense to make more than one layer per texture file. i divide my track in 4 parts, so gras get 4 layers. for less objects it isnt nessesary
-make own layer for moveable objects. its not nessesary to place moveable objects on 3dsmax, but i do for test the look of the track and get dummy´s for place at wallaby
-if you export, make for every layer one X-file (better to find mistakes ). If you get an error during import you can spend days for find the problem. with shorter parts you find the mistake easier and faster.
-before export xfile make sure that you set all object pivots to coordinate 0;0;0 , reset x-form and collabse it.
-most of the problems was generated on export pluging. I use only Panda and try many setting combinations. some working first and later you get an error (and wondering why). i find out a setting which not generate errors on any export (groundmesh, moveable mesh, scenary mesh, general mesh) on 3dsmax 2009, find picture below.

Thats my known most occurring traps for modeling with 3dsmax. if that known its easy and fast to export and test look (or other things) on rbr directly.

i hope this will help


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Re: General suggestions (by Lamda)

Postby delu77 » Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:45 pm

Nice idea, thanks Stefano, hope this will save time for the other trackmakers! ;)
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