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Wallaby software

Postby eno72 » Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:54 pm

This post is to make clear one question: the Wallaby program is being developed by Wally.
Wally is an administrator of the Czech RBR forum and the developer of the Czech plugin and the program Wallaby to create tracks in original format.

Wallaby is given personally by Wally only to talented track makers and he asks not to redistribute it. Wallaby is freeware, but every one must ask Wally and present his work before obtaining it.
Wally can be contacted on the Czech RBR forum.

The modders who founded this forum are not by any means redistributing Wallaby. We can share all our knowledge, but please do not ask for Wallaby on this forum.
We shall not even answer to pms having this subject.

Every modder on this forum is also invited not to share Wallaby. By doing so you could make Wally to decide stopping development/permission to use of newer versions.


31st October, 2010
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