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New user with export question

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New user with export question

Postby Hito » Sat Mar 22, 2014 3:33 pm

Hi there

Recently got BTB to try and build some tracks to use with RSRBR.

I have also wanted to try and recreate some legendary tracks from around the World and some local ones in Scotland. My first attempt, named the Prodrive access stage, turned out better than expected.

My problem is my friend enjoyed the track so much that he wants the track to use on his version of RSRBR. I can only load it via the export function on BTB and then access the stage by the plugins section of RBR. He does not have BTB, so we can use the same system.

My question is, How do i export the stage from BTB to my friends PC.

The stage is 16 miles long, Tarmac and based around the road leading up to and including the Prodrive test facility in Warwickshire UK. I organised a tribute to Colin McRae at this facility in 2008 and raised a lot of money for charity as well as breaking the World Record for the Largest Car Mosaic. From that day and combined with my love for Rally and RBR, i thought the place would make a great rally stage and it does.

If i find out a way to export the track to my friends PC then i may upload the track, currently in version 0.6, to aloow everyone here to try if they wish. I will FRAPS a video of the track to give you an idea

Thanks for your time

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