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Site moving

Postby delu77 » Tue May 07, 2013 10:15 am


Dear all,
devtrackteam.solorally.it will soon move to another host.

When it was born, it was a real team, born from RBR-Online.it and then grown through the skills you have chosen to share here.
Most of the members of the original team left soon afterwards. Only two members decided to keep on, me and Eno, who presently work individually, as most of the RBR track makers.

That’s why we decided to move into a new website: RBRTracks.com
Our idea is to focus only on the techniques used in track modelling for RBR, which was in fact the original goal of the devtrackteam: sharing skills, objects and tools, room for discussions and brainstorming, an international forum collecting the knowledge.
Furthermore, no precise connections between rbrtracks.com and specific RBR mods or online communities will take place. As a consequence, me and Eno will support, from now on, a policy of "free release" of the tracks, provided as working files for plain RBR, with included a clear track license limiting modifications.

A lot of users have already discovered a lot of help here: with the new website we want to stand out as the major reference place for all track modders.
We will have a fresh site, and, with your help, a big database of knowledge. And don't worry about your accounts: all the content of this forum will be transferred to rbrtracks.com
Stay with us!

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