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Collisions vs object rendering? - actually mapping!

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Collisions vs object rendering? - actually mapping!

Postby martinez » Tue May 03, 2011 2:34 pm

Maybe somebody had silmilar situation... I'm learning about collisions - managed to create my own and make them working in the game. But objects are gray in game. I want them to be moveable. Anything I use - original RBR collision meshes or mine - it's the same. By the way - different collision types work with that object (and with others too).
Worse thing is that if I take the same objects as general meshes, they look ok. So, texture is good and maping too, because objects look o.k. both in Max and in Wallaby. But not in game. Maybe is this something about ID's for them?
This happens with any other objects, tested three different objects and three different textures. The objects were made by me, they are not from original tracks;

In Max/Wallaby AND in game if only general mesh without collision:

In game if moveable mesh with collision:

Thanks in advance :)
EDIT: LOL, I'm answering to myself, but it might be usefull to somebody...
I found at the end of tutorial of Vratislav Honzálek:
"I used Panda, but still I have switched map coordinates in game (movable object). In Direct X file are coordinates digger than 1. It is necessary to map objects on „middle“ copy of texture in unwrap (if you have these copies turn on). Or repair it manually gradual attribution/ subtraction 1 untill coordinates are in interval <0,1>."

Yes, it was like this - mapping from Sketchup - spreaded over whole Unwrap... Thanks, Vratislav!
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Re: Collisions vs object rendering? - actually mapping!

Postby eno72 » Tue May 03, 2011 7:02 pm

there is a similar problem with far scenery mapping, it must be between 0 and 1, otherwise you have just colour stripes ;)
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