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Undva v1,0

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Undva v1,0

Postby RALLY Guru » Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:17 am

Undva v 1,0 is done and published as first public version!
First this not only my creation. Some years ago, I found this nice BTB track on Racedepartment web, author - Kytt. Very good made track from reall Estonia rally stage. It make for me big impression. So, when I had more skill in 3D modelling, I decide, convert this SS in to native RBR file format. But it was to short, about 5-6 km and I decide extend it up to 10. I found that it was interesting part from real Undva rally road.
Now about some road properties. Road really is narrow fast and very dangerous. Real drivers, who drive on this real road said: "it's very narrow road, no places where you can cut, unless one wheel - everywhere stones..." Sorry, but small poles collision is tough. But you must to know, that covering over 3 km with movable poles is to hard job for one person. A lot of bush have hard collision too. Its normal in this geographic location. And must to keep in mind, that everywhere is stones, so it's emulate this aspect too. So don't be angry and carefully, especially when you will try this road first time. Try hear pace note commands and make correction by himself...
Sometimes (not always) in some places it have low FPS performance, then you must just go to pause (Esc) and wait until FPS will have normal aspect and after you can continue drive stage with normal FPS (or press Esc twice it will work)...
Now its all, I hope you like my job and leave your comment, bug
descriptors and others things, there on my blog...
Remember, its real hard for driving rally stage, so you must slow down in dangerous corners or you just lost your car... And you need your own pacenotes too.
Please if you found bug, be constructive and leave report on my blog page
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