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Fix for rbrdll pacenote editor

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Fix for rbrdll pacenote editor

Postby eno72 » Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:17 pm

Dear all,
thanks to Lamda who gave me this fix, made by a German user.
It is also available in the download section.
I report the readme:

FixUp patch (Version 1.0) for RBR 1.02 and RBRDLL v1.3
This patch plugin for Richard Burns Rally fixes a sound buffer bug in RBR and,
if present, a pace note editor problem in RBRDLL v1.3.

I. Sound buffer fix
The internal sound buffer is too small to hold the sound data to be played,
e.g. front end music, service park music, pace note calls etc.
From time to time this buffer is filled with more data than initially
allocated so memory located right after this buffer gets corrupted.
Depending on which object or data is located in the corrupted memory region
more or less strange things may happen, e.g. crashes or freezes.
So, this is where the patch applies. It convinces RBR to use a bigger buffer,
large enough to hold the sound data.

II. RBRDLL pace note editor fix
The pace notes editor has some hard-coded values checking the stage number.
So only stages having numbers in the standard RBR range could be edited.
Generally this should be no problem, but as RBRDLL does not handle the
out-of-range stages correctly (Message: Error loading pace notes...) there are
crashes when loading the next stage. Here an internally allocated buffer is
freed twice which may work from time to time but often leads to crashes.
This patch removes that limitation and as a result, the related crashes.

This plugin needs RBR patch 1.02 to work properly. If present, RBRDLL v1.3.
Copy FixUp.dll into the 'Plugins' folder of your RBR installation, which is
usually "C:\Program Files\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally\Plugins".

Simply delete the FixUp.dll file.

- This plugin does not modify any files of your RBR installation.
- The UI dialog page shows the state of the patches.

Disclaimer of Warranty
This software and the accompanying files are supplied "as is" and
without warranties as to performance or merchantibility or any other
warranties whether expressed or implied. No warranty of fitness for
a particular purpose is offered.

Version History
1.0 Initial version.

And finally...
...thanks to Warthog for developing such a great Rally Sim and for
providing the plugin interface.


mail to guenter.schlupf at kabelmail.de
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Re: Fix for rbrdll pacenote editor

Postby Envolved » Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:41 am

What a great tool! thanks to Lamda and Eno72, i will use it.
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Re: Fix for rbrdll pacenote editor

Postby lakimakromedia » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:48 am

Thanks for this fix, it was annoying when dll doesnt work correctly. Now i have good editor :).
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