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Driveline fault

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Driveline fault

Postby Lamda » Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:54 am

At last i got an error during build the driveline. The last driveline point was set to cordinates 0.0;0.0;0.0 (world centre). i dont know why, maybe i click not on a valid groundmesh for the last point. for wallaby and RBR it isn´t a problem. But the pacenote editor (by workerbee) do not work correct with this issue (car position is allways set to distance 0, all events can only set to distanz 0).

Solution: it is not possible to catch this point with driveline editor but you can set coordinates by object browser (i take similar as last valid point), than you can catch and set right. Thats it, pacenote plugin can do its job.

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