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the "match colors" trick

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the "match colors" trick

Postby eno72 » Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:33 pm

Today I'm giving away a trick, but also describing a general rule for building your landscapes.
When creating new vegetation textures, a possible way is to take your camera along and walk in the woods, as I do.
The trouble with all this is that, after a long work to separate your trees from the background, to build the models and to put them in RBR, you will be disappointed by the result: the colors of each tree will "fight" with the other ones, giving an unnatural feeling. This is due to different light conditions in your photos, maybe taken on different days.
The solution is to make the colors more or less homogeneous, and to do that we can follow this beautiful tutorial for photoshop:
http://www.cgtextures.com/content.php?a ... matchcolor

all you have to do is to choose one reference tree or, better, a group of trees. This image must be masked, so that the sky is not present, substituted by transparent pixels, and only the pixels of the trees are there, comprising the bark of trunk and branches. In this way we will use this image as the source for the palette of colors to be used for the other trees.
Also the destination image must be masked (the background of the tree must be transparent), otherwise the trick won't work. (This can happen if you already substituted the background with green pixels: these pixels will dominate and ruin everything)
This "match color" must be applied to all the textures, and will work in 90% of the cases. Often it will be necessary to add little corrections using the "selective color corrections" of PS. Remember to correct for the distribution of lightness, using the "levels" of PS (and not lightness/contrast, which is not so powerful).

For italian PS users, this tool is "corrispondenza colore"
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